New Piano Compositions

I woke up thrilled to have had a reasonably successful day in film yesterday. I awoke feeling more than accomplished with my new camera techniques and the smooth operations in the editing suite. Slow but sure, it is all I can ask for.

My account at OnlyFans was not approved which has amused me greatly but alas,it is not because of content, merely an issue with linked accounts.

I also removed most of my Facebook accounts.

I have developed an unhealthy hatred of Mark Zuckertwat after his handling of the Trump tweet about shooting looters. In fact, I already hated him for artist censorship, fake news and political bias. I have kept my famalam account though but it is not much used.

I have been thinking hard about language too, and style.

I notice that I try as much as possible here on the blogs to communicate in a clearer google friendly style. But writing for google does rob the nuances and colour of colloquialism and takes away so much humour and personality. I may rebel......I am considering it. I want these blog sessions to be a diary of a woman's life more than I need them to attract buyers of my art.

Similarly, there are these same issues with Instagram posts and I am always torn between fun and truth, versus professionalism. Fashion ages and is so short-lived; the truth lasts forever.

I wrote another piano piece for the Sonata for Woman and will be working on that too today as I await the collection of an artwork from the antiquities department. Life is returning after Covid-19.

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