New Tracks by Pasha

It may be time to drop my surname, especially as the Italian stallion divorced me some time ago. And it sounds ok ...just Pasha....with the music I am doing. Somehow, ethereal and enigmatic.

I made two songs tonight as I get used to the new piano and feel my way around the digital music studio.

I play my own instruments but I confess to a little help turning a piano into a flute.

These works are for download and use for private affairs or one-off non-recorded gigs.

For commercial stuff, get in touch and we can discuss your projects.

These tracks will be on an album and will be released through usual distru=ibution channels and my copyright robots will find anyone using them who shouldn't.

I see I am up till small hours making music instead of making art! There is always something stopping me watch reruns of murders on telly.

To hear the tunes pop over to the music pages.....

Peace x

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