Onlyfans and the Anti-pornstar

I had to close my Onlyfans account and start a new one ready for the book launch. I wanted to remove some of the Wife TV footage as it is now being edited for a full-length production but the system would not allow deletion. The only option was to close it.

I really do like the idea of Onlyfans as a platform where women can make money and manage their careers. It was a seamless journey from concept to production and ultimately to sales. But as an anti-pornstar now I was challenged to occupy the space. It is better suited I think to promote my book and to drive a few interested parties to the site.

As I am no longer channelling the Dominartist through my physical form, I need to readjust how I manifest interest. I need to be more high faluting I think and the project does not depend on engagement with people looking to get their rocks off, thank Goddess for that!

Wife TV is a different kettle of to speak.

But putting her videos on a porn site reduces the art I feel and I am trying to show that women are so much more than porn fodder. I feel I was polluting my own message.

So Wife TV will have her own channel her and it will be tweaked and protected in such a way that men trying to get their rocks off will be irrelevant. As I have said before, the audience is a law unto itself. Besides, Wife is about to become an activist.

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