Orchestra and Gossip

Bitterness, Rejection and a Massive Orchestra

I started an orchestra recently. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but it lays comfortably between an orchestra and band. It was set up as a fundraising project for Harbour Cancer as well as providing a place for musicians to meet up and, 'jam', for want of a better word, in a small town where not much occurs other than life and death. Things have been going well and we have not been together a month yet. We are an innocent bunch with some reasonable knowledge of our own instruments and a zeal to play at the summer fete. However, the project has been blighted by a guitarist who brought nothing to the table but bitterness and bad feeling. It turned out that the gentleman in question was only there in an attempt to get close to the cellist. (That's me by the way.) At one point he stood at my rear, bent forward, on the pretence of following my score as I played. I felt his sexual seventy-year-old desire drip down the back of my neck and I shuddered. It transpired that he couldn't even read music and it was at this point that I became suspicious. Male ardour, in these circumstances, can be more than threatening and is certainly inappropriate. But my fellow musicians were there for my protection so I ignored it in deference to the summer fete. There were other clues. The fact that he was unable to integrate musically, that his years of musical masturbation behind closed doors meant he could only play along to his record collection, the fact that he asked me out afterwards during the lift home, all pointed to someone who was neither interested in fundraising for charity nor being part of a small group of musicians who share a love of music and a love of life after cancer. Needless to say, he was questioned after the practice by the Gestapo, otherwise known as my mother. Boundaries had been crossed. There was a price to pay. What happened next was more shocking than finding out Rock Hudson was Gay. 'They will never go anywhere anyway', he said, with the brazen arrogance of a man who never made it big! Suffice to say, if you would like to join the orchestra, we are now fuelled by the insult and we are going to be 'massive'. https://www.facebook.com/Pashas-Alternative-Orchestra-611821522575995/

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