Pandemic Audiences

We are over a week into quarantine and artists are already having to rethink the way they present their work.

We have no idea how long our house arrest will continue and in order to start new work, one has to assume it could be months.

I have spent a week in turmoil as I had to cancel my Eco Chic trashion show, with 30 models booked , a choregrapher, a venue and DJs and musicians, but even harder to bear is that my exhibition Dominartist has also had to be postponed.

This leaves me in total disarray. I am a planner and the 2 or 3 years' work had culminated beautifully into an epic London show with funding and much creative support.

Everything now must be readjusted. Of course, I still have the funding but the issue here is about keeping momentum and keeping the exhibits current and cutting edge.

My biggest problem is that artworks are difficult to show publically to the right audience online. I am still trying to figure out the best and most innovative way to express myself and to find the most appreciative audience, the audience who are interested in art and what I have to say.

This is so difficult without the gallery. The gallery is a place where genuine art collectors and fans, the curious, the interested, and the accidental passerby gather to see the new.

How do I find these people in this maze of online confusion?

Daily, the realisation that the arts will be most affected by the pandemic becomes clearer.

I hope to launch Dominartist in her solo show within the year and when the quarantine is over I will be looking to exhibit the individual artworks through other exhibitions to keep her relevant.

The essays will be published first, within the month.

Wife TV is also going through some changes and I am writing her artists' statement today. I am seeing that her relevance during isolation is more poignant now than it ever was.

Wife TV is an interactive performance artwork and I am asking people through my onlyfans page to design the performances themselves. To write the scripts. There is a limit to the performances, I am not offering her up to sacrifice under the pornographic expectations of the worlds' masturbators. I am much more interested in turning the idea of what is intimate and erotic on its head.

I had best go and make her logo.

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