Paper drought, a crime against art production!

I usually start with a piece of paper, even when I work with digital media.

There is something about paper I find familiar and that allows the ideas to flow. It just doesn't work in the same way when I put notes on my phone. The child in me I am guessing.....

So this week, with seven portrait commissions to do when I awoke this morning, I find I am out of paper.

I went straight to Ebay of course, then deliberated over what sort of paper to use. Then I researched, now Google has made me an expert. I await my paper delivery tomorrow perhaps, and in the mean time hope I can get these two gorgeous mutts done on the last piece of watercolour paper I have until delivery. That's the thing you see, when you only have one option things can go wrong.

I will let you know how this pet portrait goes.....but just look at them! I may be in love....

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