Piano, back to my roots

I recently bought the minilab interface keyboard Arturia. I has already proved great for making tunes fast and in bed when I can't sleep and decide to be creative instead of tossing and turning in the darkness. And whilst it offers some diversity creatively and is extremely portable, so great for live gigs, it falls short as a stand in for a real piano because of the limited keys.

My first music lessons were on the piano. An old upright and an elderly tutor who used to thwak the back of my hands when I made a mistake. I developed a love hate relationship with the piano and prefer my cello by a long stretch. However, as my learning of general musicianship advances now that I am composing, the desire to get back some long lost skills has re-emerged.

I looked at 'real' pianos but they come with a lot of problems. Tuning is ongoing, delivery would cause sleepless nights and then the recording pod takes all the room I have in the studio.

So I found this.....

What I find really exciting about this is that it is completely mobile and designed for live gigs. Theoretically then, I can take it if I perform at the Shambala festival next year, or indeed, anywhere.....from the studio to the bedroom. And then there is that great asset of practicing silently which currently stops me playing cello at 4am because the accoutic versions of instruments are, frankly, loud.

I won't be rash, but it is in my basket at Gear for Music.

I might also be able to offer some keyboard lessons of course.....if I get my own skills up to scratch that is.....there may be some serious catching up to do.

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