Pigs' Revenge

‘Oink oink! Wake up, oink oink!’

Sally was excited and thrust her snout repeatedly into Nigel’s big fat hairy belly. She turned around a reversed into him with a couple of kicks, then she let one rip in his face.

‘Nigel, you big fat pig, wake up...It’s one of them, one of the creatures, look.’

Nigel jumped up suddenly. They had been waiting for one of the creatures for a while, ever since one had been washed up on the island all swollen and stinking, covered in maggots. No self-respecting pig would touch it but they hoped a live one would turn up soon. Jesus had told them to be patient, their time would come.

‘Shush then,’ snorted Nigel, ‘it might run away if it hears us.’

They watched the lone figure as it walked around the beach, seemingly looking for signs of life.

Donny and Fred came up behind them, snorting and farting and asking what was happening.

‘It’s one of the creatures, look’, said Sally. ‘Nigel says we should get him.’

‘They say they are almost the same as us,’ said Donny. ‘That’s why they test things on us’.

‘And they make paint brushes from us,’ whispered Nigel, ‘and, they tattoo us.’

‘No, really, that’s terrible’, snorted Sally. ‘It doesn’t look anything like us does it? ‘The one in the water did a bit. But Jesus said it was infected.’

The pigs telepathised an assault plan. A four-pronged attack. Two in front and two from the rear.

The creature stopped as he saw Sally and Nigel swagger in pig like fashion, towards him. Like they owned the place, giving it ‘all that’.

‘Fucking pigs,’ the creature muttered under his breath, ‘I fucking hate pigs’.

Before he knew it, the creature was knocked to the ground. Donny gripped his neck and the others pinned down his legs.

‘Let’s rape it, said Donny.

‘Yes let’s....wait, how can I do that, I have no dick?’ said Sally.

‘Use your trotter, it’ll be fun.’

There was a lot of squealing. A mixture of pleasure and agony. It was a free for all and the creature was bleeding profusely from his arse. His skin was starting to break from all the stomping.

‘I fucking hate pigs!’ The creature was screaming now and the pigs scattered temporarily in surprise.

The creature tried to get up but he had been weakened by the attack.

The pigs circled him wondering what would happen next.

‘Let’s eat it,’ said Sally.

The four pigs licked their lips in anticipation and the creature screamed ‘I hate Pigs’ for as long as it took before Donny ate his face.

Nigel ate the creature’s cock and laughed because he’d never eaten cock before. Plus, he was harbouring a vendetta over his father who had been eaten during the occupation.

They were about a quarter the way in when Jesus turned up.

‘Fuck’s sake, what are you guys doing?’ He looked at the entrails dripping down the pigs’ snouts and shook his head.

‘We are supposed to be better than that,’ said Jesus. ‘Have I taught you nothing?’

Jesus started sobbing uncontrollably.

‘Jesus, we are so sorry’ said Fred, and everyone bowed their heads.

The pigs telepathised again and flanked Jesus.

© 2019 Pasha de la Mare

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