Professional practice at Goddamn Media and the growth of the platform,

My business is moving into a new phase of production. I have a timetable of tasks and work targets as production becomes slicker and increasingly well oiled. Making a success of the work I have already made means a more professional approach than I have followed over previous years.

I am a little sad to say goodbye to the old format but also excited to launch myself as a more structured individual who knows what I want in my work.

I even have a time table for facebook and other social media.

My output is currently pretty phenomenal as printing and production rockets in the current market where art collectors are genuinely more interested in meaningful possessions that are investments in taste as well as investments financially.

My film and TV shows are my greatest stream of income despite only having been set up for a few months.

The future at Goddamn Media, Goddamn Gorgeous and Art Renouveau looks bright.

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