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I sent off several emails today rallying troupes for the upcoming Eco Catwalk Trashion gig.

I could really do with some p[eople on board who know how to do all the bits I cannot deal with!

Here is the letter, feel free to share.

The Countess Pasha du Valentine <> I am a practicing multi-media artist with a studio here at Royal Clarence. My latest project is a fashion catwalk using recycled materials and promoting environmentalist ideals. I have an eco catwalk extravaganza at Arty's in the Marina, using the large outdoor spaces on the square, on June 20th. Here is one of the event pages though I have one on Eventbrite too as I hate Facebook. I wondered if your students would like to get involved? Here is a basic list of my requirements but perhaps you have other ideas to add. Models....all shapes and sizes and all ages of course. I need a lot as we have sponsors from local charity shops too who will be lending clothes for the day. Promotional video and graphics...the more experimental the better, we could even have a projector at the show Music....not sure if you have a music course there but I would welcome some digital beats for the catwalk DJ.....the event is over a few hours in the afternoon Choreographer....I would love some great and unusual catwalk modelling and the models could be more confident with a bit of training and rehearsals. Entertainment in the form of a short eco performance would even be an option or recitals etc. I have no idea what your performance course is about to be honest so this is just for gleaning interest and possibilities. I have had a meeting with our MP who is behind the eco-project for Gosport and the press will all be invited. Many thanks for reading this, Regards Pasha I will be focusing hard on the subversive clothing so am actively seeking help.

This will not be a quiet show! I will be telling the truth about the neglect of nations and the devastation that consumerism and greed are causing on communities and habitats.

There will be bloody dresses....yes blood!

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