Random thoughts so far

So people of the site, you have had a taste, a soupcon of my writing style - some of you have shown you have liked it, many more .. although it has been viewed have chosen not to. As I am an optimist take on life ... I am choosing to feel you are still hoping for content which does interest you, or that you just forget to click the little heart of encouragement lol. I had hoped however that I had produced more content for your reading pleasure ... and I do have a project in the pipeline which I'm quite excited about ... sorry no spoilers on that. So why am I not spewing a million pieces a day on to the page? Well my darlings ... I am a busy girl ! I have a business which is very hands on, I am a guitarist which I have also be concentrating on, I am a very active in my church family ( don't worry - I am not finger pointing 'I love you but your doing life wrong' type ) and I am also learning sign language. So why Miss Lila , are you waffling on ... what is that point of this random drivel? Well I am a curious type and I like to get feedback on what people would like to see here .... and that is the point of my musing .... I am thinking would people be interested in something guitar related? Maybe about my journey as a player, what my inspiration is currently and stuff. What about something to do with sign language? I am learning one type of signing ... but there are others ... maybe me signing things as a video content? Or even - something like .... how can somebody who clearly has a brain, and doesn't appear to need to rely on something to make it through her day ... think there is some truth in a meddling peeping Tom in the clouds type character. IE how can I a rationsionally thinking human, be part of a group of people that believe in a God ... especially as you have gender dysphoria and isn't that shit frowned upon Or maybe you just want to know my thoughts on that last part ... Or maybe you actually don't care what I write - you are just passing the time Anyhow ... enough of my ramble .... over to you guys - tell me what you would like !

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