Riding the Changes

Mum was taken into hospital yesterday evening due to a heart issue. Things ended reasonably well with a possible angina diagnosis and a good prognosis but the event threw me into a frenzy of panic.

I am back to work today as it really is less stressful than real life.

I am being very cagey about the Dominartist videos and feel I need to be even more cagey up until the exhibition. I did not expect to get my funding if I am honest but now that the exhibition is going happen I am readjusting plans.

There will be trailers, only trailers....and the TV Channel will be made invisible from today, until the exhibition. I want people to be curious and so I am to be secretive. Getting my funding also means I do not have to find the money through downloads, that was going to be a struggle, but I was prepared to do whatever it took.

Dominartist™ is now a trademark and she is fully copywritten in stone!

I am finishing her logo today.

There will be a new limited edition book, a new set of limited edition fine art prints, and of course the multimedia and interactive exhibition, all released later in the year when life gets back to normal.

I have two wonderful mentors, Phill Sams and Roney, who have already given so much for the project and of course Futures Venture who has taken me on and awarded me this wonderful grant, opportunity and support.

In other news, I will try to update the Arts Lounge videos once a week or so but the keep fit has been pulled due to workload.

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