Saturday Vibes, I think it is Saturday

I had rum yesterday and dyed my hair a vibrant and defiant blue.

I notice that people worldwide are doing things new to them each day despite the restrictions bestowed upon us.

I have been thinking about how to engage new listeners to my radio show, otherwise known as podcasts.

I like niche programming, as we know, so I am doing a series of religious readings from the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. I will do some secular spiritual readings too. I have no bias as an atheist and I look forward to the readings as I am bound to use them to make art at some point.

I had to take advice about the title of the show because offence is easy in this arena. I quite like Read with Mother Pasha, as I am indeed a mother, or Readings with Sister Pasha, because of course, I am a sister. Let's face it, I am not concerned about causing offence.

This article is interesting for anyone curious about the rise of secular spirituality.

The book of Dominartist™ is taking form as I now focus on its sizing and how the feel of it will interact with the viewer. I would like a leather cover so I looking at how achievable that would be.

Back later, like Covid-19, I am not going far.

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