Selling Prints of Your Art

Take it from me, I have been in the business of hard flogging my art prints for many years, it is tough going put there.

I have tried every platform ....well...the big guns...Etsy, eBay, Saatchi, DeviantArt, Redbubble. They were all pretty effective for a while, until everyone joined up too and I had to pay even more to get seen. Herein lies the problem. Now you have to advertise over and above your listing fees and eventually, you are cutting so deep into your margins that you are right back to earning 50p and hour. The competition is now so huge and the production machine so seamless that most jobbing artists do not stand a chance. And never forget that eight hours of listing, tweaking, sharing, bragging, is still eight hours of work, lonely work.

My website faired even less well. In fact, I removed my gallery today with my archive of 500 prints. They are lost in the tides of the internet.

Printing is now so cheap, and so is reasonably good art!

Dropshipping you say? Hmmmmm, well I tried that and never sold a thing despite my images being auto listed EVERYWHERE! I was like a rash.

So what now?

A catalogue of my 1000s of designs with watermarks and clickable links?

A pop-up gallery stall?


I am just pleased I never preordered hundreds of my prints to get them cheaper. I would probably die using the boxes as coffee tables.

I persevere and look at my paints today and that roll of canvas. Maybe I should go back to originals.

The Garden ov Eden by Pasha du Valentine

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