Sexy People!

Hello gorgeous ones who make my day!

And some of you uglies as well.

Now listen, I have a rehearsal do beyond the Palace of Pain for a few hours but I will return and I will be looking for giant strapons.


Because I need to up my game and I am working on some very hardcore movie scripts for DOMINARTIST.

Send me links please or if you buy me one I will use in a film as I am inundated with offers for slave actors, literally inundated. Size is no object as these slaves and sissies are actually pathetic and deserve only pain and disdain. We know this already.

I have other news.

Very soon I will be collaborating with a feral human and a slave, in the forest no less, for an art film. I will be directing, obviously. There will be tears, as always.

It will be my first film collaboration as DOMINARTIST and I will be armed....feral humans go rogue and need reigning in.

Behave bitches!


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