Sorting the models from the vanity

I used Facebook to post a job ad, all free, you know me.

It was a shrewd business move as I was inundated with responses from the young and the glorious.

Older models, and those of a less traditional stature, ie gorgeous in every way as well, have been less forward in applying and I am having to seek them out, my mum for example, who at a youthful age of 76, will be my superstar model.

If she finally agrees to wear one of my designs that is!

I am learning a lot bout people.

Most of us are simply vain and want to say we have been a model, we were asked to model etc. And a day of attention, being photographed, being lavished with whoops and ooohs and wallowing in the 'are you not glorious in the magnificent splendour of your youness?' gaze.

I totally understand, I also have an Instagram and am a performer.

But, there is another breed of attention seeker, the one who is serious about this stuff, who wants to be a professional, wants it to enhance a career (however that may be) who is adventurous and 'game'. These are the gifted for they are less flippant, less fickle, more courageous. These are my team.

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