Spread Betting and The Album

I deleted the last of my Facebook accounts except a family one with around 40 family and friends.

Then I made my final Instagram accounts, the ones I can be bothered with, private.

I have a couple of business things knocking about which I can't really be bothered to find.

Ecofam is now selling art through Marketplace, which I will say, Facebook is pretty good at. if you have the time to stay in, wait for a few people not to turn up to buy your trash, then get a fiver for that old bit of rope.

I spoke to my brother earlier who told me of a blog article he had done years ago, I forget the subject matter, perhaps cricket or foreign exchange spread betting, which are his areas. Anyway, his article was copied to someone else's blog!

Cheeky beggars!

The problem is that Google loves new content so we are all trying to get it up each day.

However, I have better things to do so I will limit my blog to a quick update about my new art prints and event details so that if some bastard copies the words, at least I will get some free advertising out of it.

None of my contacts from Facebook have made any attempt to find me so I was right to delete the accounts. Thing is, I am moving on.

I have my hair done tomorrow after a family scoot around for artworks for De la Mare Investments and I will try to get up the collection of art that we recently acquired. There has been a lot of interest in it already.

Then I have some promotional photos to do for my incarnation as a cellist and composer.

Today's practise went well and I see myself working on my new work 'The Ocean' sooner rather than later. I would say the 'album' but it sounds so poncy! (Do the young use that word anymore? It may mean something else today.)

Finally, I will be starting an oil portrait on a grand scale of my grandson. It will launch my new phase of portraits and I fully expect it to be well received, but mostly I just want it on the wall of the music room.

I have so much time now I am invisible.

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