The Amazing Effects of Prosecco on Middle-Aged Women

Am I still middle-aged I wonder? Probably not ....but I care not. I got used to the getting older thing ages ago.

I was so stressed today and the boredom of lockdown got to me.

I want to write essays and poetry about the importance of not hurting women and it actually caused me a lot of tension.

How do I communicate in order to affect change? Does anyone care? Are they even listening?

These are not new questions, they are the age-old inner demons that every creator battles with.... I am a cliche.

I also got stressed over the Paganini Caprice. It is hard to keep time.....But I will persevere because a challenge is another stress factor to beat the boredom.

I find I am being very repetitive. I do the same things each day, have the same thoughts, all I do is make art films and play cello, even the cat is bored. Lockdown is getting to me so I bought Prosecco. I feel better already.

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