The Enchantment

I was only walking, a slow meander 

Not even talking

Simple thinkings

That fateful night he passed me by

There was a scent

The one we know, the scent of man that touches souls

It made me stop and turn

Twas from then on I yearned

Like a child was I

Enchanted see, a dream box opened

Loins sharpened 

From then on, I watched him

Dreamed him

Every day

His manly ways 

Filled with flutters fair 

Was I

His skin like baby leather, sun-drenched

Smelt of heather

It drove me mad it did

His thighs were hard

Poetry on motions

The simplest things

Like angel’s wings

And then I yearned  

This power to grow

A shard

To stab my heart, my open soft desire

His weapon wild to take the child

That still remained in me

He knew not what he did, what strength he had

Despite my mission

My blind submission

It drove me mad

Fair made me sad 

And so it was I saw the Witch

The Witch was black of heart

Her dreams and hopes had powered her you see

She kept them free

And saved herself

For higher things

This Enchantment,

She had said

You will need a spell to make it less

If you so desire it gone

It will never compare to what will come

You are ruined now for others

Do it!

Said I to the wise Witch

Make it go

The rivers in my underclothes

Are far beyond a wizard’s joke

I cannot cope with such desires

For a man with thighs of steel and eyes like fires

And so the black Witch cast her spell

And desire was gone

Once again I carried on

To search forevermore 

A desire as strong

© 2019 Pasha du Valentine / Goddamn Media

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