The Fine Art of a Good Night's Sleep and Music Practice

I throw myself into music so hard that it keeps me awake at night.

The stress of learning new pieces actually disturbs me during the night and I often wake up at 5am. The first thing I think about is what position or fingering I need to use for a phrase on the cello, or what plugin I should use on my music software for my latest composition.

The brain is beast when it rumbles on in your sleep.

Last night I took some pills to get me off. They helped a bit, but I still woke three times thinking about Mozart and his annoying twiddly bits!

Actually, I am doing quite well with the piece and can see a time when I can do it at full speed, possibly today. This is the thing with music, you get good eventually if you just keep at it.

I found a live recording of a duo playing the piece and am playing along with them. It is easily the best way to learn, helping intonation and rhythm. This is the wonderful advantage of YouTube and its 'how to' do jsut about anything capacity for tuition. You can even slow the playback speed right down to a quarter percent. The audio in music and vocal sounds are a bit weird as they become warbly, but by the time you get up to 75%, things are sounding nearly normal.

Today I am going to play along at full speed for an hour, to train my brain and ear of how it should sound and to get my bowing arm in the correct flow. maybe then, when things improve, I can get a better night's sleep.

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