The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I hit my first business problem yesterday with a barrage of insults from the proletariat.

It felt weird to be on the other side, like I was trapped in a ghetto because my car had broken down.

The staff were revolting.

Ok, staff may well be an exaggeration.

The potential workforce is a more realistic definition.

Costing products is a delicate art. Your produce needs to be balanced with market trends and affordable manufacturing, but pricing my new clothes has given me a headache already.

I had decided that I could pay £5 per unit across all product ranges.

I advertised the piece work. I would supply ready cut panels and all I wanted doing was stitching. It is the least skilled part of my manufacturing process, can be done at home by anyone with a machine, is easy to teach and fits around staff who are not keen for a rigid timetable. (I would have loved this sort of work when I was a mum. Once the kids were in bed, I could get 4 hours of work in without leaving the house.)

It seemed like a mutually advantageous and workable plan.

Until the barrage of abuse started .....

I was elevated to 'rip off merchant' as my potential workforce ganged up and led a revolt on Facebook. I actually felt like the workers were on strike. I felt like Margaret Thatcher must have felt during the Poll Tax Riots.

Let me tell you, I was a very uncomfortable socialist yesterday.

But we live and learn and no one said making a fortune was going to be easy. There will be casualties along the way.

Today I have rethought my plan and my pricing. The price of the skirts is going up, I am getting an industrial sewing machine and will employ a seamstress paid per hour.

I also have been inundated with job applicants at Goddamn Media asking how much the unpaid blogger job pays.

The first rule of business... never offer a job on Facebook.

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