The Sales Machine and Being Art

I woke full of spring joy and decided over coffee that I would slow-release the amazing fine art prints from my book Dominartist™.

I would release a special single edition each week and they would be framed or unframed and they would take the world by storm! I would sell them for the high prices they deserved after the years of hard work they had employed.

An hour later, after not finding the right sales platform/template/frame/merchandising or almond croissant to have with my coffee, I gave up.

The artist has no guts for this sort of mullarkey.

The artist desires only to make art, and love, from her garret. To lounge around the studio wallowing in life's more creative pleasures, drunk on mood swings and energised by the next idea, triumphant in the vanity of personal dreams.

The prints can wait, today I make noise!

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