The Voice Recording Booth

The final thing for the fully functioning recording studio has been ordered and I can now do fully professional narrations and voiceovers.

I am so excited and of course, this means I can now do my own...which is good as I have a backlog.

I am still waiting for the pick up for the cello which seems to be held up and is probably on a tanker from China. I hope it gets here soon.

And I am also patiently waiting for a lead and a 360 camera.

Once it all arrives I am throwing myself into the new stretch of my career. And it will coincide nicely with prison release and buying the car which means I can swanny about being fabulous and spreading the name, well names even as I have a few incarnations.

And for my next big project, I need to contact people from around the world to record their environment. I only need a 30 seconds and a phone recording is fine.

If you want to be part of the artwork please message the info page.

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