The Witch

As part of my ongoing feminist creative exploration, the Dominartist seems to have come to a natural end.

In a search for social power, it was important for me as a person and as an artist, to understand and emulate the true power that a Dominatrix could exploit.

But it turns out that the power is more narrow than I had anticipated. It was far too sexually complicit. In other words, without sexual exploitation, the Dominatrix is actually quite powerless.

In my personal life, erotically speaking, I have and will continue to enjoy, certain elements of power in the boudoir. I have learned so much about submission and how the passive is, by default, a natural submission. For so many years my passive stance in the shadow of men made me a target. Being a Dominatrix has shown me that they were never worthy of that privilege. One has to make a stand, personally, politically, socially and sexually. I found my voice and it will be heard.

But artistically the Dominartist and the Dominatrix are on stony unfertile ground. There is no way out other than to morph into the next phase, the witch, the embodiment of what the ordinary people may refer to as the devil.

The witch is the ultimate female who is really feared and she is not dependant on sex per se.

The witch is the last bastion against mortal penetration.

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