Time Travel and Museum Archives

I turn the news on daily for the pandemic press conference and usually fall asleep within a few minutes. It is now synonymous with a granny nap.

I will miss the boring drone of politicians and bad news rhythms when the pandemic is under control.

What I am finding so surprising is how fast the time is going. The days are spinning by.

Is this what regular bad news does to us? Or prison? I used to wonder how long term prisoners managed but now I see the human condition is to accept and wait. No wonder I loved the unpredictable chaos of my life till now, at least it felt like it was being lived.

In other news, I see museums are wondering what to preserve for the future from these times of incarceration.

Thankfully, as someone used to being overlooked, I have made lots of film and art for this very purpose, although it would not be shown in a museum of course. I am my own museum.

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