Unsolicited Requests on Social Media.

I am no stranger to the world of sex pesting on social media, and, as a woman proud to show body for my art, there is often confusion about what I am prepared to give. Not from me, I am quite sure what I am able to give, but the murky world of male desire is a stagnant pool.

I wondered if outing the dick picks and the propositions would be fair. Could I make art from them?

I think so but I am not inclined to ruin lives. If my son sent a stupid request to a woman whilst in the midst of heady desire, I would think it served him right if he was plastered all over the internet. However, I scrubbed this man's name in case he was fragile. That is how we women are, tolerant. forgiving, nurturing.

My male friend told me that most men from oversea think western women are 'up for it' and get all the information about us from porn films.

I find this bitterly disappointing, although I never underestimated the power of film.

I am working on a new project, 'Porn is the Opiate of the People', as I have formulated some ideas myself around the negative impact of pornography and how it is destroying intellect.

That project begins in earnest after the fashion show. For now, in the words of my lovely mum.....

'Oh they are just stupid, I thought you knew that'.

I have scribbled the name despite my suspicion that it is a fake account and because I don't want to cause racial tensions. Being a feminist is not always straightforward darling!

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