Virtual Orchestras are Go!

The Benedetti live orchestra events started today and it has been a bit stressful to say the last. I could feel the stress of the tutors going live and trying to focus and I could feel how they were all feeling at the prospect of things going wrong.

Moreover, the admin and playlists and directions have been so confusing and I cannot find my Zoom link so am of the conclusion that I didn't sign up for those after all.

Not that it matters.

If these guys got one thing right, it is the content, once you find really is superb.

I have decided to follow playlists as they seem the best way forward so here is the one I am most interested in.

There are three levels and as they are all prerecorded I may do the intermediate as such thing as too much music practice.

I also found a BBC live orchestra but it really was not for me....more a sort of play along contemporary impro style. But I will share the link anyway.

This for the BBC one.

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