We Are All Under House Arrest

The government introduced new legislation giving the police extreme powers for a minimum of two years.

Civil liberties have never been so challenged in the UK and I see flashbacks to the 70s and 80s when the Met would harass groups of us in London and get us off the street. But this is much worse, we are in a prison for doing nothing wrong, for years of towing the line.

Be in no doubt that everyone in the UK has zero right to leave their home, to protest, to enjoy life and liberty, despite their medical condition.

This is not good.

As an artist, I see massive problems ahead and the biggest one is economic as we embark on decades of unemployment, austerity and misery. The world is not going to be a good place to live in, poverty is a curse. We had best hope we are not the forgotten. I am likey to be struggling financially now until I die, which means my entire life has been spent in abject poverty; firstly as a single uneducated mother, then as a business owner in the years of austerity, and now under a government that has imposed extreme and unheard of sanctions against every individual in this country which will lead to economic ruin for the working and middle classes.

The pandemic and the media around it is untrustworthy. The government is blindly forcing behaviour based on ever-changing misconceptions. This is the real crisis, not the disease.

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