Web Design by Pasha

I spent yesterday stripping back my website and making it user friendly.

I deleted 100s of pages as I attempt to make it more representative of my current work.

It hurt, there were many woman hours in them there pages.

But I do now have a streamlined and slick looking site that is easy to navigate.

Today I am working on the music pages as I play around with more templates and try to set up a smoother interface for the public to find my work. I am already building a catalogue of film scores so I need to get them seen and heard. There are a lot of costly templates to choose from as well as widgets but I know from experience that I will change my mind as soon as I paid for them. I am not going to recommend any particular provider but there are a lot of free images you can use for making your own backdrops and things on your web builder. I use Wix as my server. They have the basics but are not as fancy as I would like.

WordPress has some amazing templates but they are not cheap.

If you like the arts and music do join me at Goddamn Media. You can subscribe for free or pay to watch the films which I make throughout the month at Femme Cin.

Lots more to do, as everyone knows, websites need constant updating.

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