I am involved in 3 fine projects at the moment, here are some updates.


My application for funding is in the next important stage of costing the multimedia exhibition. It is a complex affair and I am lucky enough to have a few amazing mentors from the art world who have taken me under their wing who are leading the protaganist way via K3.

K3 Media is led by Roney Fraser Munroe and collaborator Michale Barnes-Wynters.

Here are their web links.


Roney FM (Fraser-Munroe) is an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer. He has worked in performance, visual art, video, sound and installation since the mid 1980s. Fraser-Munroe's creative practice includes literature, photography, graphics and design, animation, theatre, electronic audio and digital and media art.


Eco Fam Catwalk Exhibition

My next exhibition takes the form of a catwalk as I protest against fashion's plunder upon the world.

I have decided to be quite secretive about the exhibits as I seem to have been copied in several places but members can watch videos etc and see the collection grow daily.

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