Welcome to our New Members

I did a little bit of Facebook marketing yesterday and it really paid off as the site welcomes some new members.

I know Natasha and Charlie really well and am thrilled to have them near at hand as I march forward with some massive initiatives this year.

Remember that if you are up for being an author on the blog, I will need to give you permissions, otherwise, you can only write comments. Just message me and I can sort it out immediately. I am happy for old and new, it is all up to you to work on your output. I would prefer not to plug other things in the comments sections as it isn't really fair on the original writers but of course, you may be asked to do so, and I am not up for being a policewoman. GM is a free uncensored space.

I know that Charlie is a maker and craftsperson and I have spotted some wicked hats! Hope to see lots more too.

I am hooking up locally with some music bandits and will be launching a community interest project this month so I am a bit obsessed with the possibilities of a touring orchestra. I will be telling you all about that at a later date as it is all a bit top secret!

I would also love to hook up with some other musicians for some music gigs and I am now available as a paid session musician on my cello.

Also. I still podcast and will be looking for bands and singers and poets and movers and shakers to interview on the radio pages here on the site.

Tonight I am sorting out my pages for film.

Remember that if you have a film I can stream it here on the site and you can ask a fee.

I had hundreds of paid downloads last year when I was making the latest series. As the projects are now going to be shown in London, I have removed them temporarily.

I am also happy to host your films for free if you do not charge a rental fee.

I was hoping for some horror movies or some comedy so spread the word.

I am hoping to get more people visiting GM so the more contributors there are the better, but if you are here to share the art love as a fan, then I am also over the moon.

Finally, I know this is long, I am coming off my public social media and privatising a lot of the past details. As I take on new projects, including becoming a parliamentary lobbyist, the platforms are not reflecting or complimenting the aims for the future of Goddamn Media. I guess the company has grown up a little and the artwork is less frivolous. Ecofam certainly requires that I am a little more sensible than Donald Trump and the temptation to turn into a mouthy, angry, lefty, feminist can overtake logic. I am 'reigning it in' and saving those moments for private events when the press aren't around, maybe we can have a Goddamn AGM at the Grand.

Once again, welcome to all the new members and for all the wonderful support.

Pasha x

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