What do you do Pasha du Valentine

What do you do Pasha du Valentine?

I hate that question! I used to like saying I was just a housewife, but that was when I had four kids and no husband and it was clearly said with an element of sarcasm.

I can no longer say that with any effect or conviction and besides my house is a place of creative chaos rather than organised houewifery.

So now I try to get it all in a nut shell which is almost impossible. Things get lost in translation....especially on Tinder, which I deleted of course due to too many problems. The endless typing to explain who or what I was gave me trigger finger. what I say      I am an artist what they think unemployed with mental health issues

what I say I am a dominatrix performance artist and hen party teacher what they think escort who will dominate me for free

what I say I'm a musician what they think aging karaoke wannabe

what I say I am a writer what they think Oh God one of them what I say I have two degrees what they think bitch who is up herself


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