What Happens after Facebook

I deleted all accounts from Facebook except for a very small family one. I didn't just pause them, I tried to actually delete them!

Obviously Facebook is so desperate to lock us in that they have put me on a 30-day deletion trial....in case I change my mind. I also deleted other accounts from around the internet. The effect was huge. Nobody visited my website yesterday as I have nowhere to share it and even my Blogger account, which used to get thousands of hits over the week, is suddenly a barren ground.

I am not deterred, I have moved on from attention-seeking and as I am moving into a new area of creative production, I pretty much have to reboot anyway.

Mostly, it feels like a huge relief not to have people who I don't regard highly as part of my team, and my followers used to be a team, certainly when I ran the BAC (Brighton Arts Club). I will keep things very vague from now on as I begin to value privacy from the kids who run the internet.

I also find I can work for hours without feeling obliged to respond to things or to get sucked into debates which are, in light of recent tragedies like the killing of a beautiful black soul in the USA and the pandemic, only to be expected.

I still enjoy the ritual of writing these short pros over coffee in the morning.......

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