Wife TV by Pasha du Valentine

Wife is my latest film project and is a study of the function of a traditional white English wife, as that is my only experience. Each film is from a personal view of myself and a virtual husband and by default, is always from my view of how the viewer sees me. The watcher is my mirror, although I cannot see my reflection or its frame. Each video has its own description and I will do a feature when the project comes to a natural close. I film myself dressing every day and performing ritualistic tasks like washing and preparing for intimacy. Most of the videos are live recorded and unedited although occasionally I take them further and play around with the imagery or the idea. The lines between pornography, fetish voyeurism and reality documentary will inevitably be blurred because these lines are based on human unpredictable arousal, bland or extreme appreciation and maybe even concentration. They change with  culture, expectations and the zeitgeist, also, with individual human mindsets. You will see me and hear me in my most natural and intimate moments as well in my more purposeful moments that are designed to arouse, manipulate, cause pain etc. Wife is in a relationship with the viewer. The purpose of these films is to help the viewer understand what women really are, to respect their existence and reality, although in a virtual way. The vessel, the internet, is irrelevant here. The purpose is also, however, (ironically) , to form a bond with the lonely or the emotionally isolated as our world plummets into the inevitable void of lost physical relationships. It strikes me, for example, that some men have never heard a woman shit. As an artist this interests me on many levels. Women shit and female toilette is neither mystery, shocking, ugly or fetish, it merely happens. We are human. But it also strikes me that the closeness of a woman, in proximity and space as well as in the emotional realm, and the experiences of lust and love, will have a profound effect on how these actions are received. I want the viewer to be curious and surprised about the effect these films have on them I also want to have a relationship with the viewer, albeit an invisible one that is hard to pin down. It exists, it is strong and it is profound whilst it cannot be seen or heard, it is rather more, felt. Mostly, these films are not intended to be one thing, pornographic, entertaining, curious, shocking; they are however intended to be all these things because women are all these things, naturally and effortlessly.


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