Wife TV new episode

I have mastered the editing of the GoPro footage and I suppose, a week is not so bad to be tearing out my hair.

The first GoPro film, uploading now, is more of an experiment and I neither dressed up or post edited so the footage is a bit raw. But in my fight against erotica and porn that degrades women, I am not interested in fake representations of feminine forms. This is reflected in my work. I try not to show fake representations, I show truths and I draw the viewer to look at what women really are and to find beauty there.

I am already working on the next film which carries on from this one with a sensory extravaganza into lust and flesh.

I hope you like what I did here. I am fond of it because it was the first.

Clip from my Onlyfans page


Hi folks. Here is my latest film. I was experimenting with my new camera which I will now be using for the Wife TV project. Here is an experimental film exploring how I will use the camera for the upcoming videos and what are the possibilities for me creatively. The project looks at Wife in detail and expresses her life through the eyes of the viewer. I have filmed a lot of films already and there will be one a week for the duration of the project. At the end of the series, they will be turned into a feature-length 24-hour film for exhibition in London and Europe. You can see all my work on my personal website www.pashaduvalentine.com The films are of adult content. Your hire fees help me make subsequent films and as such you become a patron of the artwork. For more details feel free to drop me a line on my website. Please note that I am a feminist and activist against pornography that negatively impacts on women and children and my work reflects this. I ask the viewer to look at erotica in a new way and see the beauty and value in femininity that puts women on an equal plane.

You can see the video here on Goddamn Media as well


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