Work-Life Balance after Covid and A Bike Drama.

I am far too overworked it seems as we crawl out of our rocks to the hair salon and stretch our legs from under our laptops.

I suddenly became very overstimulated by all the talk of economic ruin and failing businesses.

Then, to my horror, the bike scheme, for which I have waited several months, crashes. Look here, I am a genuine cyclist, not some whimsical flirt who fancies it because of the government voucher freebie.

Get out of my way, my tyres are threadbare!

In the interest of stable mental health I have determined that working on the businessy bits, you know, emails, marketing, listing shop goods, sprucing websites, communicating with the public, is to be limited to two hours a day. The rest of the day is for the nice stuff, art, music, watching paint dry, thinking!

I best get on then, I am already an hour in......

The governent voucher scheme web application crashed immediately it was launched, because the Tories are useless with their tech!

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