I live in a very posh marina so the influence of boats, sorry, yachts, is all around.

I have painted a few but I am working on some fresh ones for GOGA this week.

If you have a yacht let me know. We can go out on it on pretence of a photo shoot and I can drink cocktails on deck and listen to your stories of sailor derring do.

I would like to do a modern version of that old favourite, sexy young female draped over yacht, what a classic,

My model in rubber or nothing but heels!

You know this works but if I just use one of the yachts downstairs without implicit consent, I will probably get arrested.

Goddamn Media does not endeavour to produce images that you can buy at Adobe, we are more about the exhibition than the magazine, of course.

But Du Pont Studios at the Marina will pop down and photograph your yacht for a great introduction fee of £50. So if you are moored here, pop into Arty's for a cocktail while I work my magic.


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