Zoom Seminar Preparation and Sketching Tattoos

I have my first ever seminar today as I pass on my wealth of knowledge in creative broadcasting and monetization. As I have been preparing my notes I realise how much I have done over the years and how much I could do in the future. But of course, art usually gets in the way of business and I am liable not to follow the marketing path.

I will do a recorded version for Goddamn TV subscribers after the live Zoom session which is for a private audience at Future's Venture.

My new motto is 'monetize everything, do not give yourself away'.

A couple of months ago I removed, as best I could, the vast catalogue of my work that was randomly appearing all over the internet. There were copyright issues and the fact that I had been blogging my artwork for years across social media, sales platforms and websites, had meant that my art was readily available globally with no benefit to myself.

Imagine my shock at finding my designs on several rogue tee shirt websites from across the oceans at half the price I had been charging.

Things have improved as I closed down the leaks.

I now work with watermarks, low res imaging and embedded disabling apps on my site. The internet is a beast and its advantages are a double-edged sword.

Now that I have streamlined output and managed to contain things a little better I can focus on what channels of production to use for all the different things I do.

I had to close my OnlyFans page because I was unable to remove a film. As I had subscribers, they said I couldn't remove it. I always object strongly to being told what to do with my own work.

I opened another and will be a bit wiser about what I share as I have a really good idea for a feature film and do not want to let the cat out the bag just yet. Wife TV and the Dominartist work really well on Onlyfans, despite the usual content on the platform. I am not here to judge what others watch or the choices they make, merely to question the status quo, how society treats women and children through representations of erotica, and of course, to make art.

In other news, the day of my tattoo approaches after lockdown rules are lifted and my tattoo artist has had some issues with my design. The cello is not an easy thing to draw. So it occurred to me that I should design my own.

I was looking around at drawing apps and there are plenty to choose from, so I plan a few sketches later. I like the idea of cherubs, cats and cellos! These days I hate drawing/copying. I love life drawing from a live model, in 3d....a different skill that is exciting and involves the real art of feelings and channelling life, movement and energy. Copying is a bore. So, I have found some pencil apps that turn anything into a drawing and I can tweak and rearrange and then ask my tattooist, who really knows his craft, to ink my skin. Theoretically, I can take any photograph, tweak it in my editing software, then make it into a drawing.

Here are some I have been looking at for inspiration....I will share ideas later and if it goes well, I will pop the designs up on my site for use for other tattooists.....with a big fat watermark and copyright notice of course. I will also tell you the apps I used.

I should get on and make my face presentable for my Zoom audience later.

Pasha x


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