Part one of a tryptic of photographs by Pasha du Valentine.

Goddamn Media is pleased to launch the triptic as an affordable open edition fine art set of three unframed high quality photographs.


Signed and dated at point of sale and available individually.

Rosie Higgin's Washline (part1)

  • Each signed print is edited to best fit the final print paper.

    Images are printed in the centre of the photographic sheet and signed at my discretion at the point of approval.

    I recommend that if you are buying two different prints, you wait to frame them to ascertain matt (mount) and frame sizes.

    If you are buying a set that has been matched by me in the description I have made sure that the sizes of printed images are exact.


    I may be able to match other collections on your behalf but this may not be possible.


    Bear in mind that the prints are from original artworks that were never intended for mass production and I have stayed true to them.



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