Sunday film specials at Goddamn Media with a naughty edge.

Film maker and erotic video artist Pasha du Valentine has put together some films especially to help you get through Sunday when there is nothing else going on, the weather is bad, your hangover os pounding, or you are just plain up to mischief.

Feel free to look around and for free films pop along to our other channels.

Some of the video art here will be free and has been sourced as it is in the public domain.

Much of the art is not available through regular social media like Facebook or YouTube due to the subject matter.

As we are advert free here at Goddamn Media , we can share some of the naughtiest video art around.

We will however always have an eye on the artistic nature of what we do here, art first, smut last. In the great scheme of things, we are pretty tame and you will not find anything too hardcore.

We respect the artists right to make smut whilst fully respecting the actors and the topics viewed.

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